Tales of a teenage mutant

Author: Asterian

Quick comedic tidbits of teenage mutants growing up and their adolescent years.

Important Thoughts

Author: Asterian

“Let me help” - quoted from Startrek TOS episode 1×29

You’re never gonna have more time than now

There can be no ideal world without idealists

Nobody can leave the world free of debt. Life gives us more than we have to offer.

If an obstacle cannot be overcome then go around it.

An individual in an empty world should still know joy.

Wilfully creating reality can be dangerous for the price is uncertain.

You’ve always had everything that matters.

Opinions should be mandatory

Eternal Winter Movie Concept

Author: Asterian

A writer is trapped in an issolated farm house during a harsh and unceasing winter storm which cuts him off from all other civilized people. As he faces death and insanity from starvation and lengthy issolation he encounters a variety of strange people and creatures who force him to question the nature of perception, existence and possibilities.

Alice in Wonderland meets Waking Life

Something from Nothing

Author: Asterian

Two Infinite beings meet at the center of the universe.

See the world of glass men. It is flat and open, with no walls to hide behind or rooms to sleep. There are no buildings or structures, jsut flat plains of marble floor spanning infinity.

Their world is without shadows. In the darkness everything disappears and for a moment all things cease to exist. It is only as the sunlight shimmers off of the smoothe curves that form them that they can be seen. They live to share thoughts, perceptions and imaginings about themselves and the universe which stretched out above them. It is by finding the light in each story that they experienced life. They are their dreams and their sharing of dreams. They are their mirrow plated eyes that infinitely reflect their own gaze back. This is the world of the glass men who sleep on the floor under a sky with no moon while creating universes in their heads. Time is without meaning in a world without beginning or end.

Utopia Concept (dump)

Author: Asterian

Nations reduced to communities. Ostracization and global public notification are punishment for going against community ideals. War against another community is illegal and a smaller community can entreat other communities to stand by and protect the defenders. Mandatory learning and temporary job placement for all individuals such as waste management(15), Builder/Fixer(25), nurse(30), philosophy/psychology(10), farming(20), etc. changes to a community in any way must be approved by the community. Voting rights granted at age 13 and Voting mandatory with names revealed. Nobody shall be punished for their opinion.


Guaranteers of Freedom make sure everybody’s opinion is represented in a community through voting or opinion. They guarantee the basic principles of freedom for each community only.


A community has a minimum size but no maximum and space is to be granted to them once they meet the minimum requirements. A community is disbanded if its size is below the minimum requirements and their space is given to a new community who they have the choice to join after an abandonment period.


Other enforcement of principals and ideals must be handled internally within a community. Individuals have a right to choose exile over death sentence in any community.


Change what should be changed, know what can’t be changed, and recognize what should never be changed.

An important skill is learning to let go. Life in the cycles can be chaotic and uncontrollable.  Patience and rolling with uncertainty can lead to less pressure on oneself and the freedom to laugh at unpredictability. Perfection is an imperfect concept. The idea of perfection is rigid and doesn’t allow for change. True perfection is ones ability to freely be themselves without imposing their reality on others. There is a path which we are all given to follow. It is up to us how closely we choose to follow this path. The path represents the best decision to make in each of lifes defining moments while allowing for clearest realizations. We are intuitively programmed to follow the path around a cycle until we gain the insight that allows us to progress further inwards and closer to our true selves. Because we follow the path intuitively, allowing our intuition to take control and navigate the path on a subconscious level will always bring one back in line with the path. Spiritual Evolution is a natural and inevitable process. Letting go and trusting that the universe will naturally draw you onto the best path is always good but eventually must be coupled with action. Patience will often reveal the best opportunities but inaction results in nothing.


The Truth exists in the vast and the minute

 The path of those wishing to become infinite beings is obscurred but not hidden. It is in the common underlying beliefs of most individuals which are in total agreement which define truth. An example would be the nearly universal belief that murder is wrong and it has continued to be viewed this way for centuries. There is some grey surrounding what is defined as murder but generally the idea is that taking away another persons life for no reason is wrong. Truth is rooted in common sense.

Spiritual Evolution is a logical process of self analysis and self definition. It is a process which has begun from when man first questioned their existence. This innate process has been mapped out in many forms using common symbology observed in both nature and imagination supported by both mathematics and astronomy. Whether the repetition of such symbolism was planted by God or was just a profoundly natural reoccurance which frameworks spiritual evolution is irreleveant. The fact remains that there are certain repeating patterns and connections which point the way to spiritual evolution and their interconnection reinforces their meaning.

Additionally there are connections on a social level whose importance needs to be recognized and appreciated. Everybody is just a reflection of what you are looking for in yourself. They are part of your personal universe for sole reason of having individuals you can comfortably bounce your personality off of and analyze their responses based on your knowdledge and understanding of their personalities. It is important to have people who can accept the many facets of your persona. Deeper connections may even be infinite and may reoccur with you in other lifetimes. It is important to recognize the importance of all individuals within our universe and the meaning of the connections that bind you together.

Still it is important to recognize the connections which make you better and those who are draining. That which is meant as a challenge is only challenging as long as the challenge improvces you and has a chance of being overcome. Some connections are only meant to be severed. It is still important to understand what these connections reporesented and how they came to be.

The only true moment is the present, for the past is just a memory and the future is always changing. Still, it’s  memories of the past which influence our daily thoughts and actions, and it is our hopes for, and dreams of, the future that often motivate us to continue existing and evolving. 

Experience is a product of memory which is the screen through which we view the past. To experience vicariously through imagining possibilities, through literature, conversation, or observation results in creating valid memories of the possible moments which can be referenced. Live lifetimes through others as our lifespans are insufficient. However, to experience something in real time is often quite different and has a greater overall impact, as all areas of perception are gratified. This is what the alchemical process represented and how the spiritual journey was reflected in both physical form and conscious action.

The future often holds our dreams and hopes which can be called goals but this must be differentiated from expectations. Goals must be pursued through a process. Even if they are never realized, if the process is directed at beneficial personal growth, the path is as meaningful as the goal. Expectations require emotional investment in the possibility of an event occurring in an uncertain future. This is illogical and irational. There is more validity in hoping that something occurs in the future without emotional investment because this anticipates the possibility of their hopes not being realized. Expectations are too rigid in a fluid universe of possibilities. It is important to plan for the future but be receptive to flows of change.

By recognizing the influences and origins of influences rooted in the past and being open to the changing flows that make up the future one can begin to visualize their vessel floating across the currents of time and start to see the currents they must navigate. Once one is open to and aware of all possibilities and potential outcomes of actions, they begin to perceive infinitely. This perception must be acted upon in the present to progress spiritual evolution at a reasonable pace. One can only begin defining themselves once they have seen all possibilities and are open to them.

To be conscious of the subconscious and the thoughts that we can hear in our heads is to be aware of our inner anlysis of our perceptions. Much can be learned by listening to ones thoughts and understanding their origins and reasons.


Most information is opinion, influenced by bias, agenda, and the nature of the environment and time period it was spawned from. Therefore it is important that it be treated as such. It is important to hear as many opinions as possible and draw your own conclusions and form your own personal opinions from all of the information you can gain access to. This is the only path to a neutral perspective from which you can choose what you wish to believe. The process of constant rexamination, refinement and reintegration of ideas and beliefs leads to an informed, knowledgable, self defined individual who can comfort in the fact that they are because they choose to be.